Our Brand

Look around the bluest planet in our system, and you wouldn’t find a brand of fashion so given to the glory of woman. It comes to you from the heart and soul of two companies. One celebrates feminine fashion for the contemporary woman. The other strengthens it by loving the beauty of women and womanhood through iconic films. In fact, Diva’ni is a business of love and craft between Yash Raj Films- Arguably Indian cinema’s biggest and most loved name when it comes to regaling romance and women and KBSH Pvt. Ltd. - One of the largest and independent heritage fashion brands based out of New Delhi. Diva’ni is possibly the world’s first clothing brand scripted by cinema and directed by fashion. Find your sense of authority in these ensembles, and stride across the globe. It’s a brand of beauty that combines cinema, fashion, art, heritage, and freedom.

Our Story

On the glittering evening of September 27th 2013, Diva'ni was born. An inspired dedication to Yash Raj’s legendary love for God's most beautiful creation, and a brilliant tribute to the Diva in every woman and her nine expressions.

Diva’ni begins with you. Your innermost feelings, wants and desires to break free. Your hopes and dreams. The cinematic you. One who is unreal and unabashedly romantic. Your inner feminine, liberated from shackles of conformity and everyday expectations. Yes it sounds romantic and cinematic. Because that's the essence of Diva’ni. It is no coincidence that Diva'ni was born on the birthday of Shri. Yash Chopra.